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Why Cavern Diver?
If you dive within the light zone of a cave, the area near the cave entrance where natural light is always visibly, you’re cavern diving. If you want to explore secrets hidden in caverns around the world you’ll need your Cavern Diver certification.

Eğlenceli Bölüm
During your first open water dive you’ll practice line handling, reel use and emergency procedures without entering a cavern. But, for your next three dives, you’re headed into the cavern, staying within the light zone and 40 metres/130 feet total distance of the surface.

Ne öğrenin
During your Cavern Diver certification course, you learn about:

Planning, organization, techniques, problems and hazards of cavern diving.
Special equipment use, such as lights, guidelines, reels and redundant breathing systems.
Proper body position, buoyancy control, air management and emergency procedures.
Cavern diving hazards such as silting, line problems, disorientation and emergencies.

Scuba Dişli Sen Kullanımı
You use all the basic scuba gear plus some scuba accessories such as lights, lines and reels.

Olman lazım:

SSI Advanced Open Water Diver certification (or have a qualifying certification from another training organization)
At least 18 years old