You can join daily tours with our 14 meter long boat. Our tour starts at 10:00 in the morning and lasts until 15-16 hours depending on the number of divers.
Our tour starts at 9 am with our 100 hp motor inflatable boat and returns after 2 dives at 13:30. You have the time to devote the rest of the day to yourself. One of the advantages of the fast boat is that we can go to the points we want quickly in all weather conditions. Max. In dives where 5-6 divers and 2 dive leaders accompany you, you can start diving with air cylinders filled with 200 bar and continue your dives up to 50 bar.

The reef is cool. A reef is to the sea what a rainforest is to land. The places where we do our reef dives are the underwater rocky spots where we dive every day. The English equivalent is reef, and the word reef is used from time to time.

Pamucak reef: It starts from 5 meters and progresses to a depth of 30 meters. In this region, it is possible to encounter hot water, amphoras, shoals of fish, large grouper and pinas. It is a suitable diving spot for all divers.
Ozan reef: The diving point that we usually use for beginner divers is a point we visit a lot when the weather is windy. The point with the clear water of the arrow starts from 3 meters and goes up to 12 meters.

Kamil reef (Burrow dive): There is also one cave in this region. It is possible to encounter tiny sea rabbits inside the den, because there is a hot water source inside. It is possible to encounter groupers here from time to time. Since the region is home to the ancient Ephesus civilization, it is possible to encounter ancient stone ages in the region. Stone anchors can have 1-2-3-4 holes. This region goes from 5 meters to 30 meters in depth.
Paradise reef: The name of this region comes from the fact that it gives us the chance to dive in all weather conditions. It is possible to encounter hot water springs and flocks of cranes at this diving spot.

Pine bay reef: The name of this spot came from the name of the hotel in front of it. It is possible to encounter flocks of groupers, sea bream, bream and sarpa while diving around the stone breakwater made by human beings. Dives starting from 5 meters can go up to 30 meters depending on the experience of the dive group. Depending on the level of the group, the refugee boat, which was sunk in 2013, can also be visited here. (No one was hurt in the boat that sank in the stormy weather)

Kuşadası Cave: At this point, it is possible to dive in a cave, reef and cave. There are 1 cave and 2 cave diving points in the region. At this diving point, the 2-ton artificial reef vault made by the Active Blue diving center was left at the mouth of the cave and left for the use of all diving centers. Thanks to this vault, we can moor our boats without anchoring and damaging underwater.
The holes start from 5 meters deep and go up to 10 meters deep. It is called a hollow because the sunlight enters and the outside can be seen.
Cave diving starts at a depth of 8 meters and progresses to a depth of 15 meters. We proceed about 50 meters inside the cave. It is possible to encounter small shrimps and blackfish family from time to time inside. In addition, it is very enjoyable to shoot yellow corals on the walls of the cave. When the end of the cave is reached, it is possible to go up and breathe without a regulator on the surface. For the return, the starting point is reached by following the same path again.


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